Meet our growers

Our delicious RedStar tasty tomatoes are grown under the most high-tech conditions. In the greenhouses, the tomato plants’ development is monitored day and night by computers and control systems. But of course it all starts with expertise. That’s why a grower’s experience is so essential.

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That grower can ‘see’ how a tomato plant is feeling. That grower notices subtle differences in the outdoor temperature, differences that a computer doesn’t detect. That grower can also tell – better than anyone or anything else – when the plant needs to put energy into producing tomatoes and not into more growth. And also when a truss has developed enough to be harvested with exactly the right colour and the right sweetness level.

The highest quality and food safety

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RedStar tasty tomatoes are grown from the best tomato seeds in the world. We use sustainable growing methods in our greenhouses, and the tomatoes have everything they could possibly need. We keep everything under control while they’re growing, and can therefore guarantee 100% food safety and hygiene. With 60 years of experience, we know what it takes to grow pure, healthy, delicious, tasty tomatoes. So you know what to expect from our RedStar tasty tomatoes.

Growing is top-class sport

A RedStar tomato must be of the highest quality and must have excellent taste, aroma and appearance. But the tomato must also be resistant to external influences. It’s therefore not surprising that it takes years before a grower can keep all those aspects under optimum control. With a combination of traditional skill and innovative technology, our products always achieve the same consistently high level.

Experienced and innovative

As a family company with several decades of experience and a drive for innovation, RedStar has an advantage in the area of growing technology. 

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Our passionate growers are ahead of the curve in applying advanced technologies and refined growing methods. Optimum growing requires not only the familiar green fingers, but also constant, year-round perfecting of the growing conditions. We do this, for instance, by using LED lighting, introducing the world’s most advanced greenhouse, and employing camera technologies that will soon be able to predict the taste of a tomato from the outside.


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Passion and expertise

The expertise of the RedStar growers results in pure, fresh tomatoes with a delicious tomato taste and a spicy aroma. That’s what we’re famous for. With no less than nine tomato varieties, you can enjoy every moment of the day with RedStar. Healthy and varied. Grown with passion and expertise.

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Taste the passion of over 60 years of expertise.