Piadina with bimi, fried Red Desire, za'atar and poached egg

Piadina with bimi, fried Red Desire, za'atar and poached egg

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25 minutes 4 persons


1 tbsp each of roasted sesame seeds, roasted hazel nuts
1 tsp each of dried thyme, oregano, ground cumin, coarse sea salt, grated lemon peel
1 roasted sweet pepper (from a jar)
1 tsp sambal
4 tbsp olive oil
150 g bimi
4 whole fresh eggs
4 piadinas (or tortillas)
150 g Red Desire tomatoes

A piadina – Italian flatbread – looks like a tortilla and is available from large supermarkets

First make the za’atar (herb mixture). For this, coarsely chop the nuts and sesame seeds, and mix them with the thyme, oregano, cumin, salt and lemon peel. Next make the sauce. Blend the roasted sweet pepper with 1 tbsp olive oil and stir in the sambal. Bring a pan of water with ½ tsp salt to the boil. Boil the bimi for about 4 minutes, until cooked. Remove the bimi from the pan with a slotted straining spoon and rinse with cold water. Now take the pan off the heat, but don’t throw the hot water away. Line 4 small bowls with 2 layers of clingfilm. Brush the clingfilm with a little olive oil and then break an egg into each bowl. Carefully pull the clingfilm together, so that it becomes a packet, taking care not to break the egg yolk. Tie each packet with a knot. Place them in the pan, and put the pan back over a low heat. Cook the eggs for 5-6 minutes, without allowing the water to boil, until softly poached. Meanwhile, heat the piadinas or tortillas. Loosely fold or roll up the piadinas, and divide the bimi and sweet pepper sauce between them. Cut the egg packets open, remove the clingfilm and place an egg on each piadina. Sprinkle with the za’atar. Take the tomatoes off the vine and cut them in half. Heat the remaining olive oil in a frying pan and quickly fry the tomatoes for about 4 minutes, until brown and soft. Spoon the tomatoes onto the piadinas, and serve the piadinas with bimi, covered with the fried tomatoes.

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